AngularJS, Meteor, Backbone, Express or Plain NodeJS? When to Use Each?



As a popular client-side scripting terminology, JavaScript is currently being utilized by almost all websites. From the same time, it is also being utilized by developers, along with HTML5 and CSS3, for advancement cross-platform mobile apps. The majority of developers use various JavaScript frameworks to reduce the development some efforts significantly. Based on the specific requirements of the job, the developers have option to choose from a number of popular JavaScript frameworks including AngularJS, Meteor, Backbone, Express and plain NodeJS. Nevertheless, it is always important for them to when to use each of these popular libraries.

Five Popular JavaScript Libraries and Their Usage

1) AngularJS

In addition to being written in JavaScript, AngularJS is also distributed as a JavaScript file. That helps programmers to express the application’s components obviously by extending HTML syntax. The programmers can use AngularJS to utilize HTML as a template language while creating dynamic websites. They will may easily add the collection to HTML pages through the