Code Standards and Hiring Programmers



Hiring developers from an offshore company is always beneficial for your budget but there are certain guidelines must be taken care for successful and quality job completion. One of the most crucial parameter is international standard subsequent in code structure because once you complete the project it is far from totally necessary that you will be hiring same developer from same company in future. If the code is not written in standard format it will certainly not be easier for your next developer or company to understand the code and work on it. Following is some structures that is important to follow for coding methods in international market.

Signature in header: Each file should be having a set of information in header including author name, date of creation, time of modification, number of modification, purpose of computer code. This set of information really helps a new creator to understand what exactly was using the thoughts of developer while working on the file. Exactly the same structure should also be followed for functions including purpose of functions, input and output details and creator name.

Braces and indentation: Writing a code always includes cases and spiral along with functions, use of braces with specific set of indentation the code cleaner and understandable in one go. With out a proper use of indentation and braces it would look complete messy and will take a lot of effort to understand it. Pairing of closing and starting brackets is also very very important because human eyes are not compiler or editor which can automatically says the pairing of them.

Usage of spaces and gets into: A code is and files is said to be perfect when its size is in equivalency with written piece of information. Using non proper enters, tabs and places only can make it larger in size. There should be an effective gaps (or spaces) among all of the codes and piece of rules.

Use of comments: Inside PHP complete inline paperwork comment blocks must be provided. PHP follows C and C++ like style comments. Comments are generally used to make computer code more informative. Sometimes what I think for a task is something different what you think also to convey ideas and ideas over codes comments are most important part of coding methods. There should always be a proper use of comments to describe the purpose and logic of code piece by developers.

Variables and constants: A dynamic thing can never run without use of variables and for a regular codes a variable should be named as descriptive as possible like user_id, first_name, last_name etc which will clarify itself while going through the code, added advantage will come in picture when while declaring the variable a little note is also mentioned along with. The same format must also be followed for constants.

Above mentioned points are those small basic points which you should check before awarding task management to any company. Ask for examples and coding standard manual for matching them, spend time at first before starting your project.

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