Is Wearable Technology the Upcoming of Web development


Do you really know what the biggest web design trend to have trapped the fancy of technical folks is? It’s the wearable apps. Once you look at these figures, you will know why exactly wearables have maintained to rise to technology prominence. As per a report, the wearable technology companies are well poised to touch USD 31. 27 billion by the year 2020. And remember- 2020 isn’t very that far either. Thanks to the immense popularity of the smart devices (like wrist bands and smart watches), we are set to witness any surge in the demand for wearable software in future as well. In a year or two, wearable applications would actually be touted as one of the primary forces generating customer engagement. A web development company as such, would need to add wearable applications to their portfolio in order to drive sales. This is more about these apps.

Wearable Technology: This is what the future of web development holds

Start off by studying the types of mobile connectivity attributes and software that can be created for these devices. Right here is a look:

Typically the Compatible programs that are in charge of connecting devices intended to extract and send data from and also to other devices
The standalone software that are backed by uses of the wearable device itself
Cards for static monitors
Push notifications designed for connecting apps

Specialists have been constantly stressing on the fact that since the screen area has become even smaller with the wearables (they are even less space-consuming than mobile devices), developers should make certain that they’re handling discoverability related challenges in an alternative manner than what they have been doing for mobile devices. However, you don’t need to to bring about major tweaks in strategies in this regard. Just presenting a few minor adjustments will definitely serve the purpose.

At the core of the success of wearable programs, it is believed, will be your efforts to customize your notifications. Including a slew of notifying features like a humming noise, lighting up of the screen or titled ping will help your users recognize notifications easily.

Wearable apps: What exactly must you do?

A developer needs to give attention to the interactivity of the user as well. And, what exactly do you need to do in order to bolster interactivity of the device? Ensure that you are guarantying features like single swipe, one tap reading, etc. This will likely ensure that he/she does not keep on tapping his smart device in order to secure results. Smartness of the smart device guaranteed!

Kindly make certain you are keeping yourself updated about the latest trends ruling the wearable market. This will definitely help you stay one step ahead in the “digital” curve. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the entire design, compatibility and functionality of the wearable apps.

Hopefully, the tips offered here will help you design highly functional wearable applications in the future. Carry out turn to more such posts in a bid to be duly well guided.

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