Some Best PHP Development Practices to Follow



If you are a business proprietor, then it is imperative to create a web program for your customers in order to purchase your products and services easily. Now investing in a web software that offers rich features and is also within your budget can be a difficult task. PHP is surely an open source scripting language that is employed for creating dynamic database dependent websites and applications. PHP development best coordinates with HTML pages and since it is a robust, server side application, it provides various functionalities and a good security system to the developers. This article attempts to teach some of the best practices with this most widely used programming language – the PHP.


Maintaining proper documents of the codes: This is very important for the developers maintain a proper document of their unique codes. Most of the time beginners and even professional programmers don’t concentrate on writing the comments aside from the rules because they think it to be a waste materials of time. But this simple work helps others to obviously understand the codes when reviewed in the future. Therefore, it is a good practice to write proper comments to make the rules understandable to everybody.


Do not use short tags: There are many programmers who often take a shortcut way of proclaiming PHP. Using short tags rather than using the full official ones can cause conflicts with XML parsers and can make the codes incompatible with the latest versions of PHP.


Use meaningful function and variable names: PHP companies should always write codes with proper naming specifications and should not use generic and meaningless titles everywhere. Grammatical sensible titles that are being used for parameters and functions help other programmers to understand the codes easily.


White spaces, indentation and line duration: While writing code, PHP programmers should ensure that the code is properly indented and also sufficient white space wherever it is required. Proper collection length should also be maintained as this boosts the readability of the codes and also helps to maintain them in a highly effective manner.


Turn on Error reporting: PHP development has its own very useful functions and error reporting is one of them, which may be used to track various errors in the PHP application. There may be errors in your rules that might not stop the complete application from working, but these potential bugs should be avoided. Usually permit the Error confirming while developing the project and once you finish you can disable it.


Use the DRY approach: DRIED OUT means don’t Repeat Yourself. This is a programming concept that helps to slice down redundancy from your codes.


Avoid deep having their nests: PHP programmers should always avoid deep nesting levels in the codes as much as possible. Strong nesting can make things very complicated during the time of debugging the codes. Try to use conditions logically as much as possible.

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