What you need to Know about Web 2. 0 Development



When it comes to developing a Web 2. 0 application, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind. Essentially, these kind of innovations have been with us actually since the beginning of the Internet, but still to pay to innovations in technology are now coming into their own. Here are some of the basic points to keep in mind when doing the activity of Web 2. 0 Development


One of the key goals of developing some new application that fits into the Web 2. 0 model is that the application has to make efficient use of the underlying technology on the Internet. From this perspective, this means the application has to conform to the skills already extant within the Internet. This does not mean the application must be an exhausted old retread of some older application. It is easy to use the technological tools of the Internet in new and exciting combinations. Which is where the development process is needed.


Along with using the technology of the Internet to best benefit, the application should be something that will appeal to the general public. Fundamentally, an application that does not have an audience does not really constitute a wide use of sites resources. Deliberately developing a tool or software program that will make a usable commodity no less than a significant share of the people will go a long way toward being qualified as a true Internet 2. 0 development.


Third, the development process should concentrate on making use of some aspect or ability of the Internet that remains relatively untapped. This could be an aspect that simply is not employed that much, or one which is extensively employed in some specific way, but could just as easily be utilized in a very different manner, with no need to try to adapt the Internet in order to accommodate this function. When the development follows this line of thought, the end effect is often exciting and heralded as a development that will easily take Internet use to a new level.


Last, the technological application should offer features and talents that are above and over and above what exactly is normally the circumstance with similar and old established applications. These additional features must be attractive, functional, and hopefully will set a new standard for any other program that comes along. By keeping these basic ideas about Web 2. 0 Development in mind, the developer has a sizable chance of creating a huge success with the application.

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