9 Features and Benefits of an Expertly Designed e-commerce Website



‘According to marketer 80% of internet users in the country will purchase via any digital channel this year’


Are you currently a glutton for to shop online? Do you spend the late hours of the night browsing the latest products of your favorite retailers? The days mainly because it was compulsory that goods and services be purchased in person have passed away. Thanks to e-commerce, traditional trading has been revolutionized. Online stores not only makes the task of shopping easier, but in addition more fun and being digital means there are no business hours giving customers the liberty to shop exterior business hours.


The convenience of e-commerce has alternatively made consumers lazier. Why make the long journey to a retail wall plug when you might access it from a mobile? Like a future retailer, having a website optimized for e-commerce is surely an ABSOLUTE must, but beyond being a requirement it comes with a variety of valuable perks.


1 . Affordable


Running an online store is highly cost effective as you avoid costs that would affect your real world counterparts. A few of these avoided expenses include


– Staff


A website doesn’t require the hands-on attention required by an entire team of employees. Processes such as inventory management, billing and operational costs can be fully computerized.


– Store Bills


Save money not having to pay expenses such as rent, electricity and gas.


– Advertising


Technically an ecommerce website is not impacted by this avenue, the pricing is definitely more affordable and the method easier. As a website, you automatically avoid the geographical constraints of rivals meaning your advertising will have greater attain and a higher choice of conversion.


– Travel costs


Customers no longer have to invest money travelling to your store. This is a factor that will benefit your business as the benefit of saving will alternatively raise the likelihood of obtaining sales.


  1. No geographical boundaries


Using an ecommerce website people can buy products and services from wherever they want and they possess greater purchasing power. It does not only removes geographical boundaries but also offers convenience and the benefits associated with being able to be purchase practically anything at all at any time, 24/7.


  1. Better equipped to build customer personas


E-commerce retailers are very good at keeping track of the buying habits of customers. Because a result, you can monitor their purchasing behaviors and adopt new strategies to engage and constantly deliver precisely what they want. You will be able to access data that helps you to determine the products they’re most likely to buy,


  1. Less difficult to engage


There is a reduce to how much info you can convey in a physical store and number of customers you can serve at a time. A strategically designed e-commerce website provides a customized message to customers that will encourage them to make a change, which makes easier for e-commerce retailers to engage their target audience.


  1. Gain new customers through search engines


‘According to Leverage Marketing only 5% of users go as far as the second page’


There are 3 billion searches conducted globally on Google every day, however, number of businesses are using eCommerce platforms to sell their products and services. An e-commerce website thrives on the traffic generated by search engines. A physical store simply are unable to meet this huge market of people as they are constrained by their physical locations. Using search motor optimization strategically, e-commerce retailers can get significantly more customers than other digital and traditional marketing stations.


  1. Get customers to sell your goods


Sociable proof has become a trend in marketing, customer reviewing is a tendency that is on the rise, according to Marketing Land 90% of customers are influenced to make purchases depending on online reviews. An e-commerce store will empower customers and encourage them to leave an evaluation. If you can convey world class service then your visitors will become your greatest conversion machines.


  1. Engagement


An online store should be treated much the same as a real one. This needs to be appealing and comfortable enough that the customer will be happy to stay around and lovingly remember the experience. Each extra second a guest spends on your website increases the odds for conversion and increases income. Ensuring your website is strategically designed and delivering the right info to your target is 1 of the first steps to engage your audience.


  1. E-commerce is eco-friendly


Ecommerce aids the environment in a number of key ways


– Reduced document use


By consuming less paper you are preserving trees and preserving the habitats of valued varieties.


– Less vehicular traffic


As you are saving customers the hassle of travelling you are subsequently aiding the environment by minimizing traffic and pollution.


– The best utilization of resources


Because of the lack of an actual store location you will ultimately be assisting save valuable energy resources such as electricity, water and land. You may rent an office space but the energy demands of such a location will not likely match those of a physical shop location.


  1. Easier to find certain products


In the physical world, finding a shop is more difficult than an e-commerce store. There is no way of immediately knowing when you enter a shop whether they have the product you’re looking for (Unless they have a website). With an internet site yet , not only is this information visible to customers at a glance but statistics like availability and customizable options are also available.

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