Finest and Top Trending PHP Frameworks in 2016


Giving well-organized and secure development possibilities, PHP web development is among the most popular option among developers and programmers in the recent times. PHP frameworks aid in a faster project development with no compromise in the performance. This specific grandeur success is significantly accounted to the variety of frameworks PHP provides. Every year, right from its initiation, PHP frameworks were able to match the trends and offer viable solutions effectively and 2016 has taken their popularity to new height. This article will discuss the top trending PHP frameworks at present.


One can safely say that Laravel is the most famous and popular PHP framework right now. Laravel aims to make web development easy and fast with brilliant and flawless syntax. It enabled programmers work with ease by simplifying all common tasks by making use of its built-in tools. Routing, authentication, queuing and caching are to name a few.


The particular second most trending and a lightweight, dynamic PHP framework in 2016 is the CodeIgniter. Also known as a software Development Platform, CodeIgniter provides a set of libraries for the most frequent tasks and a simple software and logical structure to access them. This permits the developers to have the key give attention to the project somewhat than spending time code for a given task.

Yii 2

An object-oriented platform, Yii 2 offers high performance and is utilized to develop modern web programs. Yii is at its optimal best in building large-scale applications like portals, content management systems, discussion boards, etc. Enhanced performance, short development time, simple and secure security and highly extendible are factors that make Yii 2 a hit among developers.


Needing very less coding, CakePHP is also popular for being faster and lightweight. The particular flexible templates of CakePHP make it easy to learn. The built-in “CRUD”, one of the most sought-out feature, helps in helpful database relationships.


Getting the reputation of being the most stable PHP framework, Symfony2 is widely used to create websites and robust web applications. It is adaptable, scalable and contains a low performance overhead. Symfony’s components are decoupled and reusable and have been used to built major PHP applications like Drupal, eZ Publish, etc.

Zend Platform 2

Zend Framework 2 is a successful development of the Zend Framework 1, that had over 15 million downloads. A well-known modular PHP platform, Zend Framework 2 utilizes 100% object-oriented coding. Typically the popularity of this construction is attributed directly to its efficient characteristics like easy to adapt, secure, well-oiled performance tuning and much more.


PHP frameworks are always on an upward rise and 2016 had some interesting and popular PHP frameworks fighting for pole opportunities. But the most fundamental factor is that all the discussed frameworks were able to solve development issues and made PHP web development companies offer world-class products. With exciting and unique features differentiating them from the competitors. PHP frameworks are going to be on-trend for a long time.

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