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Although, a significant part of the web world is using PHP for the web sites and web-applications development, there is a group of fellows who may have doubt on the capacities of excitable text pre-processor. Recently, the hot topic for dialogue between the web experts is that why should we prefer PHP over other scripting languages. In this article, we are providing some core facts supporting PHP and they are as follows:

Low priced – We all all know that PHP is open source in nature and do not demand any amount for installation. Thus, PHP is extremely cost- effective, and almost all of the people choose affordable approach to web solution.

Accessibility- PHP provides fast accessibility to the web sites, thereby instantly calling the databases from the storage space. The incredible speed of the PHP helps it be popular among the users.

Format – PHP is a simple and easy server scripting language and so as its architecture. The PHP coding is quite easier than other web development languages.

Advanced – PHP is relatively much advanced than other scripting dialects as it effectively facilitates MySQL, Linux and Indien. Additionally, it is also base for various web technologies, including- CakePHP, Joomla cms and other open-end frames.

Developers Supportive – The open-source nature and simple structures makes it developer friendly language and hence, almost all of the programmers wish to do coding for it.

Consumer Friendly – The web sites developed on PHP are highly user-friendly as they supply users the overall flexibility to interact with them easily and comfortably.

In addition, due to wide procedure and popularity of the PHP, an individual may easily find a PHP creator to expand his/her web application.

However, despite of various specialties of PHP, a lot of people assume that the other scripting languages are better than it. You will find 2 main programming languages that can be said as good competitor of PHP but, PHP rules over these for this reasons:

PHP vs.Net – Some fellows believe. OR NET is better than PHP however one should know that. ASP is not a traditional scripting dialect and also it is limited up to Microsoft company Internet Information Server Program. However, PHP is a pure web programming vocabulary and don’t has such restrictions.

PHP versus Cold Blend –
Basically, these two languages cannot be compared because these two will fluctuate specialties. At one side, PHP is known for creating dynamic and complicated web pages, whereas one the other side of the coin hand, Cold-fusion is well-known for mistake free web development and instant data abstraction. However, while choosing a programming dialect for web development, the server scripting language having better problem solving capacity is preferred and hence, PHP is probably the first choice.

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