Social Networking Made Easy by Ajax and JavaScript



The social networking websites have completely transformed the lifestyles of millions of people. Presently there are many people who want to stay online on their favorite social systems round the clock. At the same time, many users even look for effective options to fend off their social media addiction. Typically the huge popularity of social systems like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn has further encouraged many companies to launch impressive social networking websites to simply attract, impress and captivate a big amount of users.

With many people accessing social media on a variety of devices, it has become a daunting challenge for developers to pick the right technology to build successful social networking portals. A gradual increase is also noted in the interpersonal networking websites designed using JavaScript, XML, and AJAX. Some websites use AJAX in practical places to boost the user experience, whereas others use the technology in several places to optimize the overall look and feel of their website. If you are planning to build a social networking website, it is a great idea to use AJAX and JavaScript to meet the latest web 2. 0 trends.

Actually, the word AJAX can be used to describe the blend several technologies including JavaScript and XML. As being a mix of different technology, AJAX makes it easier for website developers to incorporate dynamic data-driven features in their website to make instant changes to their websites. Further, the website visitors can view the updated information without initiating a full display refresh. Along with saving the time and initiatives of the users in performing a specific job, the technology will further boost their browsing experience, and convince them to login to the social networking website on a regular basis.

Why Use AJAX to build up Social Social networking Websites

Easy to Integrate Large Number of Forms: The popularity of a social community depends upon the way it allows users to publish, view and share information. So each social networking website must be designed with efficient options to integrate all these types. You can use AJAX to boost an individual experience by integrating multiple kinds. Also, the technology will make it easier that you can design longer web webpages in which the dynamic functionality will be displayed at the finish of the page. Simultaneously, the user may easily view the updated information without clicking on the Refresh button.

Option to Use Instant AJAX Messenger: You might also need options to use a number of AJAX outcomes to boost the look and feel of each web page. Most users also look for convenient chatting options to socialize with their loved ones on a regular schedule. If you are exploring ways to include a quick messenger consumer in the social networking website, your task will become easier by using the AJAX instant messenger. The instant communications work just like the Yahoo! Messenger, but you can embed it on your website to make it easier for users to interact with each other.

Requesting Photo and Media: Similar to text message, photographs and media are also an indispensable component of each social network website. Often the demand for a social networking website depends upon the way it allows members to display images. You can use Gallery developed based on the prototype JavaScript development framework to allow users to easily request images photographs and media. The use of AJAX further saves users’ bandwidth through its eclipse function.

Innovative File Upload Option: Most users also look for more ground breaking ways to upload their files. You can use AJAX uploads to make it easier for users to upload files while seeing the progress of the upload. Also, you have options to choose from a variety of AJAX uploading options to meet specific objectives. The particular Fancy Upload option also allows you to modify and stylized the pages without writing any lengthy rules.

Edit Content Inline: An individual can further optimize the user experience by letting them edit some content inline. The feature may appear insignificant and small, but it will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of the web page. Each user will wish to modify something in an instant without hitting the respective text fields. You can consider implementing the AJAX inline editor developed by Manoloweb to impress users. Regardless of being a tiny implementation, the inline editor will make it easier for users to change the simple as well as complex data in an instant.

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