Web Portal Development: 5 Things You Need to Ask Your Potential Web Portal Designer



It is far from difficult to find web portal designers: post your project requirements on any freelance site and dozens of freelancers will get in touch with you within 24 hours. However, deciding on the best designer for your web portal development project is not easy. If you do not have hands-on experience with web design or web design, you will not be capable to separate the wheat from the skin.

You must look for experienced designers – an inexperienced web designer will not be capable to take complete responsibility of your project. Also, it is important that your web website designer is creative: you won’t do yourself any favors by hiring a skilled designer whose only capability is using ready-made web templates to generate boring, flavorless sites. As soon as you shortlist 5-6 of the best resumes, you need to dig a little deeper. To find away if they are worth working on your job, ask these questions to your potential web portal designers:

Are your earlier clients happy with your job?.
Your best bet is to talk to your friends and colleagues. Should they praise a designer who have worked with them in the earlier, you have found a reliable designer. But if you act like you aren’t find the right person that way, the next best thing is to ask for references. Talk to 3-4 companies founder has previously worked with, and ask them if they are happy with his work. If a amount of individuals say that this individual is good, odds are he is good.

Have you worked on similar projects before?
If you need to design an Web commerce site, or if you are looking for someone to create a community portal for you, you need someone who has done similar work. If you want an ecommerce site, you desire a web website designer who is aware about all the elements that enter into making such a site. You may increase your chances of getting a good website by trusting your on line portal development task to someone who has worked on a similar project.

Do you have creative ideas to engage the group?
If you are selling something, offering a particular service or you want the people who visit your site to respond in a particular way, you have to have a creative and active format that inspires the users to take action. Ask your potential web portal designer about his approach. Find out if he can accomplish this task by using creative design elements.

Do you use Flash and Coffee?
There are three types of designers out there. One uses a great deal of Flash and Espresso elements, which makes it difficult for the reader to give attention to any particular part of your website. The second type of designer runs from all Flash and Java as window dressing. Typically the third type of web portal designer uses it in moderation. Ask your candidate about his ideas in connection with use of computer animation; also, ask him how he intends to use such elements to make your website more attractive.

Do you adhere to standard web design practices?
Considering the fact that you do not have a proprietary team of designers focusing on your web portal development project, many different designers may work on your website from time to time. Ask your applicant if he adheres to standard Web 2 . 0. 0 standards. When your website is built using standard practices, it is easier for other developers and designers to make changes to it.

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