What are Features of New Version – YII 2. 0. 8, The Developers Are Usually Enthusiastic about



Known as one of a most popular PHP framework, the Yii framework, has helped designers throughout the past few years to create complex apps and deliver them on time. Yii framework has a huge community backing that comes up with regular updates and fixes that provide developers numerous options to explore throughout their development tasks. The latest upgrade of the Yii framework, 2. 0. 8 has features which may have stirred the eye of many Yii framework development companies and designers. Let discuss the important ones.

Active Record & Databases Improvements

Grid View content with filter operators are considered as the popular functionality of the Yii 1. 1 version of the framework. The latest version has brought this functionality back. Apart from this update, a new event has been extra to the Active Record class and can now trigger an EVENT_AFTER_REFRESH, whenever after a record has been refreshed.

Fixes with Regard to PHP Compatibility

The latest Yii 2. 0. eight frameworks has fixed a couple of PHP7 compatibility issues. One is for the overall error handler and the other is for error handling with regards to JSON. Typically, the inclusion of PHP7 into Ubuntu LTS, have made it extremely popular among many Yii framework development services.

Forms and Approval Updates

The new version of the Yii construction has automated the process of setting the essential enctype for the forms, while implementing the file uploads. You can now include a field for approval and mark it dangerous for mass assignment, just by adding an affirmation mark before the feature name. This can be done when specifying approval rules. The newest version has also enabled the File Validator to specify mime Types using wildcards. The particular Date Validator has already been updated to be completely compatible for validating time values without the limitations.

Program and Migrations Enhancements

Various database schema builder innovations have been incorporated into the latest Yii 2. zero. 8 version of the framework. This will ensure Yii framework developers to use them while explaining migrations or when they want to modify the schema for multiple purposes.

Updates with regard to Security

Before discussing these updates, one has to keep in mind that the older version did not have any security concerns and these up-dates are further enhancements only.

The new version has

• A better RNG performance
• Avoids reading more octet than needed
• More test coverage, making sure it works flawlessly in various surroundings

The other significant highlights of the Yii 2. 0. 8 Framework

The sophisticated application has new configuration that allows you to install vagrant. It will help in the creation of any individual dev environment.
Dependencies can be automatically injected for closures during configuration.
As an addition to existing command line options, the new version has allowed console controllers to accept short aliases for most options.
If you are using Mutex, you have an extra strategy to deal with locking, since the new version has added a driver for PostgreSQL

Ultimate Terms

Apart from being one of the most modern and popular PHP frameworks, the Yii has the impressive ability to ease the complexity during the development process. This particular is the reason, why developers favor the Yii framework as the end product will be effective and easy to maintain. Go ahead and hire a Yii developer for your next web project and witness optimal results in a short period of time.

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