CakePHP 3. 0 Served Very Hot and Fresh


Just lately, the CakePHP development team announced an alpha launch of the new CakePHP 3 version. Considered to be a veritable game corriger, we have a look at the many features that makes this development framework better than their predecessors. Get ready as we serve you all the info on CakePHP 3. zero fresh and hot.

Quick history

As far as the modern world of PHP development is worried, there are many options for the developers to work with. While the scripting language has matured over the years, more number of PHP frameworks have made an entry into the scene. Thus the developers now have a variety of choices to work with.

However, such was not always the case!

Way back in 2005 when the standard development tool was still PHP 4, no such things as PHP frames ever existed. Developing an object-oriented approach to PHP coding back then was still a challenge. Which was when CakePHP emerged in the world market as the first ever MVC framework. Above the past decade approximately, the PHP framework has undergone significant evolution that has served to maintain a proper market share for the PHP developers.

Along with CakePHP 3. 0 now available in the market, it is most definitely expected to be a leading force in the world of PHP development and a major contender in the modern market that features a myriad of PHP-based development frameworks.

What does the new version have to offer?

With all the alpha release of the new CakePHP framework, several of enhancements and features have been made available to the developers. Allow us look into them in greater detail.

Improved productivity: Typically, the CakePHP version 3. 0 incorporates performance improvements to the bootstrap process, redirecting process, and several other process parts that serve to generate a number of helper templates.

Enhanced helpers and components: The new version of CakePHP provides improved support for “flash messages” thanks to the new FlashComponent and FlashHelper features. Furthermore, the CookieComponent has been improved thus making the separation of cookie data handling and cookie namespace configuration a fairly easy process.

Enhancements in session management: CakePHP has always used session management as a stationary class which has bring a number of problems. Using the latest version 3. 0 released, the continuous sessions can now be accessed from the demand object through the subsequent path:

$this -> request -> session()
This modification also makes session tests better to carry out while enabling the CakePHP developers to utilize PHP Unit 4. x.

Better consistency of conventions: The application as well as plugin skeletons have undergone significant updates to be able to utilize the same directory structure. This specific allows the individual directories to exhibit better consistency in application with one another.

Merger of plugins and themes: One of the primary goals of CakePHP has been to make the themes more robust and powerful. While working towards that goal the developer community realised that that which was actually needed was for the themes to provide capacities that were similar to the plugins. Within keeping with that thought, CakePHP now allows all plugins to be used as a theme thus simplifying redistribution and packaging.

Improved ORM: The alpha release of CakePHP 3. 0 involves a amount of API changes to its Object-Relational Mapping or ORM features. One of the most notable alterations on this factor is that specifying deep associations for preserving procedures has become a much simpler process. Moreover, changes have also been made to a couple of conventions for reducing the learning curve and confusion usually prevalent among the new adopters.

In case the CakePHP developer community is to be considered, a number of additional features are likely to be incorporated to the beta release of the 3. 0 version. Some of the noteworthy features may be given the following:

Enhancements of the localization and internationalization features (L10n and i18n respectively)
Replacement for CacheHelper based on the Edge Side Consists of functionality
A new redirecting API that makes way declaration simpler and faster

The alpha release of CakePHP version 3. zero is indeed a significant improve beyond the versions of this development framework that are in the market at the moment.

All-in-all, almost a decade since it was at first released, CakePHP continues to be a formidable and vibrant competitor to the other PHP development frameworks on the market. It is a extensive and complete solution for web-based development. The program code base is highly mature while functionalities are apparently endless. Ask any professional PHP developer and he or she think that the biggest cost is linked to the development time. The latest version of CakePHP strives to make significant reductions on this factor. With PHP also going through significant and simultaneous maturity, this development framework is expected to get better over the years.

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