PHP Development Frameworks for Agile Application Development: Which Kinds Are the Best?



Regarded as the most widely used server-side scripting language, PHP is employed in the development of web applications and websites. Many programmers are progressively opting for this scripting language as more and more tools continue to be developed regularly with an aim of bettering the efficiency of the programmable code. Numerous frameworks can be found in the market that allow the development companies to develop and deliver complex applications and websites in considerably less amount of time. The main challenge, though, lies in choosing the one that best suits the needs of any business.

Here we check out some of the top PHP frameworks trending in the market. With a comprehensive overall flexibility and highly user-friendly features, they largely help the development agencies in developing efficient and effective programs and websites for their clients.

Laravel: A web application framework featuring an elegant and expressive format, Laravel aims to take the pain out of the web development process for developers by giving them easy access to such common tasks caching, sessions, routing and authentication. Laravel provides developers with a powerful and accessible tool that is required for building large and robust apps, along with added functionalities such as tightly built-in unit testing support, significant migration system and an inversion control container. This framework is flawlessly appropriate for projects of all styles and sizes. Laravel is largely built on top of a number of Symfony components thus providing PHP developers a reliable foundation of reliable and well-tested code to work with.

CodeIgniter: A powerful PHP platform with a tiny footprint, CodeIgniter has been developed exclusively for many who were in need of a stylish yet simple toolkit for building fully-featured web applications. CodeIgniter works with next to zero configuration, offers extremely simple solutions to the apps with complex requirements and does not feature code rules. Among its special features are a rich set of libraries crammed with functions for common tasks apart from logical structures and a simple interface to provide easy access to these your local library. CodeIgniter makes use of the MVC Controller approach, allowing greater separation between presentation and logic which becomes particularly useful if developers are working on the project involving the use of template files.

FuelPHP: A flexible yet simple MVC PHP 5. 3+ framework, FuelPHP was designed from scratch in order to supply HMVC an integrated support with the conventional MVC architecture. With ViewModels (better known as presentation models) coming an as extra bonus, developers have the option of adding an excellent layer between view and controller. It is possible to extend the majority of the classes in the core package deal of this framework without making any modifications to the code. Applications can be developed in a do it yourself fashion by dividing into modules that are easily changed into packages so that the code can be reused for the future. All web applications demand a water-tight seurity and that is just what the FuelPHP framework provides. Outputs are encoded, giving them high levels of security and protecting against any form of unwanted XSS episodes. Functions such as QueryBuilder, input filtering and CSRF prevention are also backed so SQL injection attacks can be prevented.

CakePHP: With this framework, PHP developers can increase their web applicatio development process by the use of certain code generation features that rapidly build construction code prototypes. It does not involve the use of any complicated designs, now you can setup your repository and you are ready to get started on with your project. Common functions such as authentication, validation, puffern, database access and goedkoop are integrated into this framework. The package also includes clean MVC conventions to guide in the applying development procedure. This platform is capable of handling every aspect of your application, be it the initial request of the user of the ultimate web page making. CakePHP also contains built-in-tools for protection and validation against form tampering and SQL Injections so as to assure security and safety for your application.

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