Core PHP Web Development compared to usage of frameworks




There are millions and millions of websites over the internet and PHP powers most of them. PHP is a web scripting language that is employed to build dynamic websites. PHP is such a versatile server aspect language, that it has been modified and custom-made by many to create developer friendly frameworks. Right now there are many frameworks that are used today such as CakePHP, CodeIgnitor or Symfony. Well, there is always a doubt whether primary PHP is better or should one use frameworks for web development.


Primary PHP web development?


Right now there is nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about it. A few recognize that PHP is at the roots of everything. It is the fundamental base upon which all other frameworks stand. Therefore, in case you use frameworks, you must know PHP! Therefore , what’s the difference? Nicely, with core PHP, the developer needs to create logic from the beginning and program it utilizing the syntax provided by this scripting vocabulary. With frameworks, you get some ready code and ready tools to call for when you need. Frameworks are real-time savers. The particular developer does not have to code again and again for the same functionality. The framework allows developers to understand the code, even if it is passed on from one developer to another. One of the key functionalities that a framework offers is the MVC (Model – View – Controller) architecture which separates the logic, design and the functions.


Another important aspect of a framework is that – modifications suggested by clients can be easily included. This is a great benefit of a framework over primary PHP.


Start with core coding


On the other hand, in order to even start working on frameworks, you need to have basic knowledge of core PHP, functions and classes. For a newbie, starting with core PHP is a great idea. It will get all the fundamentals clear and you can then explore and test with the ample quantity of frameworks that are available for PHP web development.


Well, it’s like trying to solve an intricate math question. Either you can use logic and solve it step by step on paper, you can also use a scientific loan calculator. But, in order to use a scientific finance calculator, you need to know the basic logic that goes behind solving that question. So, get your basics straight. The sleep will follow!


The verdict


Whether you love it or hate it – you cannot escape it! You are unable to expect to research frameworks with no basic understanding of the core PHP scripting that goes behind it. Especially for a newbie, frameworks appear to be quite a task to commence with. Learning core coding and then working towards building a website with frameworks is a much better approach towards web development.


Well, as we said earlier, nothing is good or bad about it. You can build a website with core coding or with frameworks. The outcome will be just as beautiful! Frameworks are just built for the convenience of designers also to help rapid development of websites.

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