How will you boost the speed of a Laravel application



Laravel is one of the notable PHP frameworks used to create websites with a lot of stunning features. Laravel is created with immense number of methods and is also supported by massive communities. It is simple for Laravel developers to clear their doubts by making use of community support. Still this framework has one such drawback which holds the developers from using it. No doubt it offers excellent methods as well as documentation, but the key disadvantage Laravel faces is their slow performance. Codes of Laravel are so massive, and at the time of working it takes too much time to load and the results come so late.

Programmers have been taking care of the same issue at the date of its launch, and some of the expert developers get their own ways of coding that make Laravel codes work so fast. Here in this article we can check some of the Laravel code snippets that will help designers to make applications that work with good velocity. Some developers are complaining that their Laravel apps are taking more time to load. Clean code followed by the use of intelligent methods will assist developers in conditions of increasing the speed of applications they create using Laravel.

Use “php. artisan config: cache as codes while caching a laravel configuration. It will eventually incorporate methods directly mentioned in the artisan and may help you to produce faster results. You can add php. artisan. config: clear to delete this perform completely from your application. With regard to bettering the performance of an application using Laravel, you can allow ways caching by using the following set of codes, ” php. artisan route: cache”. If you find the technique is facing certain difficulty for returning no “Callbacks”, you can just add ‘Clear’ in the area of ‘cache’ mentioned in the code mentioned above. It will permit you to clear the function entirely.

Just allow a classmap optimization in the applications you create by adding php. artisan optimize–force. All these code can be applied while creating applications using Laravel 4 as well. A developer must add “Composer dump autoload-o” for doing autoloading optimized Composers. It may turn all the PSR-0 or PSR-4 into classmap, thus can improve the speed of application development.

For saving files so quickly use the Memcached driver. The files that play very rapidly will help your applications to work faster. Therefore the use of Memcached driver will help you. For so that it is into practice use the codes “app/config/session. php/”.

The particular choice of a very important treatment driver is very important while creating applications. Carry out the perfect optimization of entire Laravel codes. If you are creating an application within a restricted time, you may well not get the time for you to optimize unique codes fully, then you can rely upon the methods of caching to some extent. But it always remains a fact that the challenge never becomes fully solved, if totally optimization is not done. So to make the Laravel applications work faster, allow 100% optimization for all the codes used in the application.

Summing up

For getting faster results, all Laravel developers should cache the problem results properly, with the 100% optimized codes. In case you implement these minor things while coding Laravel applications, you can surely produce superb results. In times, you might not find a 50% improvement in the performance of programs, still it is quite evident that the performance of your Laravel programs will be noticeably increased.

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