Laravel Vs CodeIgniter: Which is better to use


PHP frames are extensive in fact. That is common that PHP developers make comparisons between various frameworks on such basis as what they offer, their benefits and drawbacks. Many forums are full with discussions pitting one framework with the other, like as Yii vs CodeIgniter and then Laravel Vs Yii then mainly Laravel Vs CodeIgniter.

So how do these two frameworks fare? Which can be popular than the other? Which often framework offers better features? Such questions line up! Here, let us make a brief analysis and know the dissimilarities between Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Laravel: Its pros and cons

It is common knowledge that, for web application development, Laravel offers expressive, stylish syntax. Such has already been its design. The laravel developer will enjoy the development process. Routing, authentication, sessions a few tasks, which are commonly performed, and are made easier, thanks to Laravel.

Importantly, this construction is made for the PHP’s latest version. Therefore, device testing support and authentication, which are the base development components, are inbuilt. It is commendable that Laravel construction folds with the cutting tool template engine in a smooth manner.

A specific area where Laravel outdoes CodeIgniter is it has got exclusions. These, with exceedingly comprehensive stacktrace aren’t available for developers who use CodeIgniter..

Use of libraries and models is easier as Laravel has object-oriented your local library. These libraries are reinforced with autocomplete feature.

Laravel has its own command-line interface. Called as Designer, it allows developers to perform abundant tasks. So what tasks? Tasks like migrating databases and seeding databases. Also performed is clearing the cache, etc.

Object-Relational Mapping or ORM in Laravel is simple, eloquent and fast. That will have said, developers will find it very easy to manage the application’s database.

Laravel is best suited for building Relaxing APIs. Apart from that, Laravel handles event queuing.

However, Routing in Laravel may be odd at times. Owing to the recent entry of Laravel, it might be a lttle bit tougher if not altogether, to get to find answers. Despite this fact, the numerous forums and IRC are incredibly much active in assisting people find answers.

CodeIgniter: Its advantages and disadvantages

It is simple, and also quick to set up CodeIgniter. Just download the preferred version from CodeIgniter website. Otherwise, from GitHub. Afterwards, unzip the contents.

Absolutely nothing can beat CodeIgniter in conditions of documentation, which is clear and extremely well structured. It is such that all the particular concepts of CodeIgniter which are commonly used are discussed clearly, that too, with examples.

CodeIgniter is stable. The popular framework has the benefit of having recently been tested by the programmers in large number. With that said, the chances of bugs or any other problems going unnoticed is minimum.

The templating engine, which is inbuilt in CodeIgniter, is user friendly and is centered on mustache-like templating vocabulary. Learning this language is simple even for new programmers.

Whether or not you know something about MVC architecture or not; it is very simple to use CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter offers output caching. Web webpages can be cached so that the loading time can be reduced. In addition to, efficiency and performance can be enhanced.

Developers using CodeIgniter can certainly seek support. Because this framework has a very big community which uses the construction for smaller projects and also very large projects.

It could be an overstatement to call CodeIgniter obsolete. However, it is to be noted that the framework has recently been released at the time of PHP 4. Many new features were added later to PHP. Hence, the need for extending code files arises to make this construction work.

Another drawback of CodeIgniter is it does not offer default modular splitting up.


Both frameworks, which are unique and similar in many ways have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, it is the requirements of the developers that choose which is to be preferred. Everything said, if you are a programmer working on modern apps, it is suggested you go for Laravel. Every Laravel developer company attributes their easy web development to this platform.

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