Problems in Web Design Of which Negatively Affect Site Conversion rates





Valuable Information under the Page Fold


When designing a website, the most valuable aspect of the page layout, which all designers should keep in mind, is the page fold. In only a few seconds, visitors will be able to decipher if a site will be worth going to. You have too little time and energy to impress your site visitors, and here comes the value of a page fold. The principle of a page fold is as simple as including all valuable information on top of the fold.


When you place valuable call-to-action buttons/website communications under the fold, there will be slim chance for visitors to find the info they are searching for. Only a quantity of them will scroll down to look into the information under the fold on their first visit to your website. In the event this happens, do not expect to achieve a great conversion ratio.


Client Oriented, but not Centered on Users


Majority of web designs create an online site centered on what clients require. However, over time, they neglect their marketplace, users who will truly go to the site. The main problem the following is not doing enough research on your audience delete word knowing your users. What this means is to say that the decisions you make when designing are only according to assumptions, which are often wrong and which cause users to be not satisfied with your site. Web sites that achieve a advanced of conversions are those that are extremely user-oriented. You should be familiar with users and apply this understanding when creating your web design.


Not Able to Tell the Difference between Points of interest and Distractions


Sometimes, using too much of a certain design factor is not what confuses a visitor, but rather using the wrong choice of design elements that moves the user’s attention from your website’s message. They draw your visitor’s eyes to less significant elements of your web pages – since you put some design elements in the wrong places or have positioned images around important buttons/visuals that do not let visitors focus their attention on them.


Always be careful when it comes to your designing choices. Regarding instance, you might be bent on putting a huge background image on your site’s Home-page, but this gets in the way of the site’s eyeflow. Therefore , it is best not to use it.


No Clear Contact to Action


Do not think of your website as a piece of artwork, since people do not visit in order to admire the way it looks. It really is created with a purpose. It is intended to accomplish an objective by means of what guests do on the website. You desire a clear call to action so visitors know very well what to do once they land on your site. It may be to buy your product, request a quote or subscribe for a e-newsletter. Or else clear with your proactive approach and the “what next” question is not answered, do not expect any conversions.

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