Tweets Bootstrap3: where it excels & fails?


Without question, Bootstrap is one of the frameworks which help developers to create websites so effortlessly. This framework is employed in development of many websites over the internet, and a good set of programmers loves to work with Twitter’s Bootstrap 3. Lately, a good number of website developers started expressing their hatred for bootstrap templates as well as web designing patterns. This article throws light into the fact that why many developers prefer the using of Bootstrap over other frameworks? And why others go against it?

Why Twitter Bootstrap 3 is highly popular?

Great documentation: – a Bootstrap designer enjoys superb documents, and any doubts about the documentation can be eliminated easily by using Github database.

Rapid development: – in built templates that help fast website development is also a aspect which tops among the set of core Bootstrap 3 features. Developers can complete their projects without taking much effort.

Pre-configured factors: – the time to develop websites as well as applications is mainly saved by the pre-configured variables. Colors of buttons, headings, and many repeated elements used in a site can be automatically modified by using these variables.

Superior Grid system: – main grid system of Bootstrap3 is largely developed when in contrast to the Bootstrap first version. Grid system is more responsive now. This has become nest-enabled. Hence it commenced to suit the requirements of developers who create websites for all devices.

Improved JavaScript functionality, elements& box-sizes: – the consistency and work circulation that web designers gain while Bootstrap is fantastic. Just about all these elements assist designers to finish tasks in a systematic way.

Where Bootstrap 3 fails to impress?

Use of similar components: – a Bootstrap artist gets plenty of options to edit the web templates and put it to use in various ways. Still he deals with similar component. There are more than thousands of websites made using this framework available on the web. Hence you will find a whole lot of similarities in the designing pattern of these websites.

Updating the core code is bit hard; – any developer can download components and edit it as they wish. Regarding that purpose, developers will have to include the codes written by them in separate places. Upgrading of core codes are not a fairly easy task when we use this framework. Let us take the occasion of grid components. Any time you download a grid component, it will come in a huge file size having massive codes written to it. No developers need the whole codes for the purpose of web development. They will have to retain codes that are needed and delete the unwanted ones. After eliminating the unwanted ones, designers will have to update the core codes, and here most developers face difficulties.

Needs only less creativity; – designers who lack creative imagination can also try Bootstrap. What they will have to do is that import the CSS file and use the templates that are consistently used. Thus web designs look almost similar when we use Bootstrap themes that employ similar web templates.


Bootstrap is a framework while is suitable for the purpose of web development, designed for designing. Designers will have to set the fonts, colours, plants, pixel sizes, and examine the responsive quality for mastering the websites. This the realm in which Bootstrap fails to impress, when we consider the web development aspects, it is a step ahead of other frameworks.

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