Outstanding tutorials and resources to learn Laravel development


As PHP developers, we are all conscious of the uses of frameworks during web development. The frameworks, which are many in number, are incredibly helpful in multiple ways. However, mastering a PHP framework takes quite some time, something that is a must to invest.

A Planned examine, with an audio knowledge of PHP and basic knowledge of the advantages of frameworks, will be helpful. Significantly, excellent tutorials and other resources at hand imply it can be easy to master PHP frames. Laravel, an open-source web application framework, following the MVC architectural pattern, being the most sought after framework by PHP developers, should be mastered for many more reasons.

This framework, which includes caught the attention of PHP developers for their expressive and elegant syntax, makes the process of web development exciting and thrilling. Authentication and routing, sessions and caching are some of the commonly done tasks that are made easy. Altogether, Laravel is quite advantageous. To help becoming the best Laravel developers, here is the set of tutorials and resources that can be worth referring.

Laravel documents

The official documentation of Laravel is rich in information. Unarguably, this is where developers can learn the most about Laravel. Simply put, it is a one-stop solution.

Laravel. IO – Community Reports resource

This, Laravel. IO, offers simplicity when learning Laravel. Opting for Laravel. IO means you can quickly and effectively learn Laravel framework. Thankfully, there are also frequent pod-casts which discuss on the happenings in the Laravel community.

Nettus+ Tutorials

If their one tutorial that can give you that holistic learning experience of Laravel, then, undoubtedly, Nettus+ will be the the one that grabs this distinction. It offers specific, step by step Laravel tutorials.


When you get a hand-on experience with Laravel, you are also haunted by many people doubts which crop up in your mind. An individual desire a platform so that you can get your answers. Stack Overflow is 1 such platform. You can view the thousands of archive questions associated with Laravel.

Laravel group and community on LinkedIn and Google+

The Laravel group on LinkedIn will be among the best sources for getting an extensive exposure on the construction. This open group, having more than 2000 members, has about 150 discussion posts happening each month. Of which said, participating will only further your knowledge in Laravel.

Apart from LinkedIn, Google plus too has a Laravel community, offering about 2, 000 people currently. Need any help or have any queries related to Laravel? After that, the community will end up being the best platform for you. Take part in the discussions and can request members to reveal new resources.

Laravel on Twitter and Facebook

Getting a programmer and tech-savvy individual, the chances of you not being on social network platforms like Twitter and fb are slim.

If on Twitter, follow the major balances. This helps you to get an alternative perspective on the framework. Ensure you follow the official bank account, the account of TOP DOG of Laravel, News Source and Community News Resource.

Again, almost concluding that you are a Facebook lover, would advise you to like the Laravel Community Webpage. It may certainly help.

Textbooks, your best friends

Not pleased by one of the above-mentioned resources? Then, you will find a way out. Many books can be obtained, assisting you to learn Laravel. However, do not go on a buying gratify! Choose one book or, maybe, 2 books and not more than that. Because, having a lot of books may make you feel overwhelming.

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