Creating a Dynamic Professional website





How would you like to have a professional website that automatically will keep readers informed of your most recent content? Imagine this: You schedule a blog to travel public on a certain day, and on the key page of your website there is a huge picture that updates on that certain day. The new picture is related to your new blog and directs your website visitors to watch the new blog. You can certainly have this complete setup, and there is no demand.


It’s the one thing to revise your website with new content, such as new blogs. This keeps search engines informed that you aren’t website is “alive, inch instead of other stale websites that never have new content. But letting web surfers learn about your new content is key to gaining repeat visitors. With the picture on the key page of your website update automatically when you have new content on your website, you’ll increase your website click-through rate and your website will become a dynamic, professional website where people can rely upon new information. This kind of setup will set you apart from your opponents.


Dynamic versus Regular Websites


Regular websites are created by people who just want to have a website. They may installation the site as part of a passing whim, a fleeting interest in a unique topic. They can be spotted by way of an old, out of date content that is never updated. People will discover a regular website interesting the very first time they visit the site, require websites don’t usually get book-marked. People don’t view a need to return to the website because the content is never fresh. That they will read everything during their first visit and never have a need to come back to the website.


Dynamic websites are updated constantly with new content. The key to letting visitors know that your website is a dynamic and constantly updated website is placing your new content in advance on your main web page. You want to immediately draw their attention to your hottest content. This kind of can be done by putting a huge picture on the key page of your website, and then upgrading that picture whenever you add new content. The new updated picture should pertain to the new content you’ve added to the site.


The challenge with this setup is modernizing the picture. Most websites schedule content months in advance. For example, you might schedule a Valentines day blog to get general public on Valentine’s day. The natural way, you would want the key picture on your website to reflect the Valentines day content on Valentines day, but you may not be at the computer that day. Or you may forget. Should you had a program that allowed you to schedule this picture to update to a particular picture on Valentine’s day, your trouble would be fixed.

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