Our 17 Steps on Just how to Build a WordPress Site from Scratch





In this post, I am going to talk about how precisely to create a WordPress site from the beginning. To be honest, WordPress is not my favorite when I first started out there online in 2008.


However in the wake of Google changes and playing other successful marketers whether it be their videos, webinars and courses, I acknowledged I had been wrong and decided to understand how to build WordPress sites even though it took me 3 years from 2010 – 2013 since I was a slow learner and non-technical person when it comes to web design.


With that said, here are my 17 steps on not merely how to build a site but the one that Google and most searches need.


  1. Upon installing the WordPress into my domain I linked to my hosting, the very first thing I will do is to take note and save my login details to the admin dashboard before actually logging in.


  1. Next, Let me look for General Settings. Beneath it, I will erase the words Just another WordPress Blog from it.


  1. The 3rd thing I will do is to go to permalinks and key in the characters /%postname%. This really is so that my page and post will look like domainname. com/topic-of-whatever-you-want-to-write rather than domainname. com/? =id=1234 which appears like spam link in Yahoo eyes.


  1. I will change the default Uncategorized into Articles under Groups.


  1. I will convert Hello World into a Welcome to Site post in which I will add the message on pleasing my web visitors before telling them what my site is all about and what they can learn from them.


  1. I will transform Sample Webpage into About Page. Here I will share quickly about myself as in my background, what I do and why I build this particular site.


  1. Once that is done, I will proceed to Plugins. Except for Akismet which I will activate to prevent visitors from spamming, I will remove the rest before the adding my replacements as in All-In-One SEO Pack, CKEditor For WordPress, Contact page 7, Pretty Link Lite and WP Super Cache.


  1. Upon activating those, I actually will head down to All-In-One SEO Pack to add heading, brief information and keywords. This will be shown in Yahoo results when someone type in those keywords to look for answers.


  1. CKEditor For WordPress is optional but I choose this since I do not like the arrears editor which does not supply the option so that you can change font size and style.


  1. Contact page 7 is for me to create the box for visitors to enter their name, email and any feedback or questions they could have about my membership course


  1. Pretty Link Lite is for cloaking my affiliate marketer links in order that it looks more presentable like as opposed to the long unattractive one you see generally in most marketplaces such as ClickBank.


But if I was creating and recommending my own products, that won’t be necessary.


  1. WP Extremely Cache is to enable the site to fill faster.


  1. Once we got the plugins done, I will go to Themes under Appearances. The type of theme I have in thoughts is the one with image sliders and three columns representing one sub-topic within the primary topic site.


In the past, I really could have gone for free elegant themes but now I prefer Ink Styles as they are more affordable and I understand the owner well since we am his regular customer when compared with say Theme Woodland.


  1. After installing the theme, I will learn to do the necessary configurations to enhance my site look.


  1. We will then go to Widgets and delete the unnecessary ones. They are what will be shown in the sidebar. The ones I want and have in mind are HTML text message for inputting banner unique codes and recent posts.


  1. Finally I will create the top and bottom menu while at the same time adding new categories. I do not know about you but my standard site course-plotting menu includes Home, Regarding, Topics, Articles, Products and Contact Us pages.


  1. Once I got this whole structure set upwards and ready, I am ready to add in more posts and pages.


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